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How much milk to express

Is there a guideline as to how much milk is needed per feed when expressing?

Answer: Hi there, Most nursing mums produce around 800mls a day, but ultimately the amount depends on your baby, how often and how much bub feeds is what directly influences how much you produce. So in theory as your breasts will be primed with the ideal amount for the next feed if you express from both sides until they are drained then this is likely to be ideal for bub (personally I found this can range from 50 - 150mls each side). The guidelines are very different for formula feed bubs so don’t use them. I would recommend you ask the midwife on Huggies also or give the Australian Breastfeeding Assoc a buzz and just ask their advice also as I am in no way a lactation consultant. Hope that helps Leanne
Answered: 01 Nov 2007