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Slow weight gain for infant

Hi Leanne,
I have a 5 month old boy, he was born 3 weeks early, and today weighs 6.7Kg. I`m worried because last week he only put on 100grams and this week only 20grams. He never drinks more than 120mls per bottle and prob has 4-5 bottles a day Should i be concerned? I already am.
Please help.
Thanks Very Much

Answer: Hi Sarah, So I am guessing he is only just over 4 months corrected age? This would put him at just under the 50th percentile for weight (using the new charts)? Is this where he has always been? If so then this is your best guide. Babies can go off their feeds at times for various reasons, sometimes for a few days sometimes for a few weeks; it’s very common, for example with teething. They also do slow their growth rate (see details below from our childrens nutrition text). Figure 3.1 provides a rough guide to weight gains in infancy, keeping in mind that newborn babies will often lose 5–10% of their birth weight, and start regaining weight as they approach a week of age, reaching their birth weight by about two weeks of age. Babies who are robust may gain weight very rapidly, gaining up to 400 grams a week; babies born sick or premature may gain weight more slowly – perhaps gaining around 50 grams a week. Each baby is different. Figure 3.1 Weekly weight gains in infancy
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Answered: 01 Nov 2007