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She will happily drink water from a cup, but not milk

Hi Leanne,
I am trying to get my 13month old daughter to drink her milk from a cup instead of a bottle. She just completely refuses but will happily drink her water from a cup. Any tips? I am worried that she won`t be getting the reccommended amount of milk that is required if i don`t give her a bottle. I have also been told that 400mls of milk per day is what she should be having?

Answer: Hi Julie, It can be a comfort for little ones, to drink from a bottle which doesn`t make it easy to make that transition. As long as your toddler is having some cheese and yoghurt and drinking plenty of water you can offer milk in a cup and if it isn`t drunk that is fine. Cheese is very rich in calcium and it only takes a little to get near a child`s RDI for calcium. I have a tip sheet on Huggies on weaning and cows` milk, it explains how much milk toddlers need in order to reach their daily serving and RDI of calcium. It also covers options if milk isnt for them and shows you how much calcium is in cheese. The link is: Milk Intake What you are likely to find is that your toddler will slowly begin to accept milk in a cup if there is no alternative way to access it. If you wanted other ideas you can also chat to your CHN or Plunket nurse as they will have a number of strategies too. Hope that helps, and all the best with the transition. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Apr 2009