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Do you have any suggestions on how I can introduce egg white?

My son will be 1 on 29th April this year.
I am trying to introduce egg to his diet.
I have introduced egg yolk by hard boiling it and he ate it as it was. The first day he loved the 2nd and 3rd days not so much but ate enough for me to be able to see if he would have any sort of reaction to it.

Egg white on the other hand....I tried it boiled, as soon as it went in his mouth he vomitted. I tried it scrambled (egg white only) with cheese and the same thing happened.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can introduce egg white?
Thank you so much in advance

Answer: Hi Bianca, it sounds like you may have a toddler who isn`t able to tolerate certain levels of egg white. It might though be helpful to just double check by offering him just a small amount of scrambled whole egg (egg white and yolk). Say just a teaspoon and see what happens, it can sometimes be just the taste or texture that cause them to bring it up. But it would also be good to test if it is a dose issue. If you find that he will eat it happily but once gone and down he brings it up then it is reasonable that he may not be able to handle too much egg white. Often reactions can be dose dependant and there is some great research going on in the area of acquired tolerance by very small doses and building up. If he can eat a small amount with no problem you might just work on increasing the amount he gets little by little and go from there. If he brings it up then it may also be good to have him checked for egg allergy, though you can be reasonably certain from this sort of trial. Often children out grow reactions so you can trial a small amount again down the track, so in 6 months. I hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 29 Apr 2009