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I feel my immunity levels are very low, any tips to improve my nutrition?

Hi there,
I`m a mum of three and I feel my immunity levels are very low. I keep getting tonsilitis and am always tired. Please give me some tips to improve my nutrition.

Answer: Hi There, It`s hard to offer a `one stop` suggestion on improving nutrition to help with immunity; however, what I can do is offer you some tip sheets that cover a bit of the ground work. If you would like to flick me a quick email I can organise to send you some tip sheets on healthy eating. Just generally though here are some starting points:
  • Ensure you are eating fruit and vegetables every day; broccoli, berries, tomatoes, carrots and other strong coloured produce are particularly good for you
  • Include herbs such as onions, garlic, thyme, sage and so on
  • Watch out for excessive coffee/caffeine intake
  • Try to ensure your diet is full of unprocessed foods and limit junk food
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Keep red meat to about 2-3 times a week, but enjoy lots of fish and vegetable based proteins
  • Eat wholegrains and cereals over sugary breads and cereals
  • Ensure you drink water or a good alternative
  • Eat a good natural yoghurt (talk to a health food shop person about a probiotic)
  • Having a freshly made juice with fruit and vegies once or twice a week can be a great shot of nutrients (personally I love ginger, beetroot, apple and carrot)
  • Try to exercise regularly as this has been shown to improve overall health outcomes
These guidelines come from various reports on reducing cancer risk. If you wanted a more targeted approach you could pop into see a naturopath or nutritionist or dietitian and have your diet fully assessed. Once you have a good account of what you are eating then from there it is easier to work out specific amendments and if supplements are necessary. You can find lists of accredited practitioners on the below sites: - www.daa.asn.au - www.nsa.asn.au - www.atms.com.au One last option is to arm yourself with knowledge and take a course, we (Cadence Health) offer short courses in nutrition, there are also private colleges and of course universities. I hope this starts things off for you. Once you start reading up on healthy diets you might get hooked on nutrition! All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009