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What is a good alternative to cheese / yogurt?

Hi Leanne, I suspect my 9mo is allergic to dairy, as I gave him some cheese the other day and some pre-existing eczema flaired up. He is breastfed now, but I imagine we`ll try weaning within a few months or so. What is a good alternative to cheese / yogurt?

I think he may also have a rice intolerance as he gets cranky and won`t sleep after farex - not sure about that though. He refuses a spoon entirely - and has done pretty much since we started trying solids. Luckily he will eat some finger foods - avocado and vegemite sandwiches, chicken and vege patties and that`s about it! I offer pasta shapes, canned fruit, steamed veges and polenta, all of which he throws on the floor. Halp!

Answer: Hi There, if your bub experiences a worsening of symptoms such as eczema from cheese it may be an intolerance or an allergy. It could be helpful to have him tested so you can be sure, ask your GP about a referral for that. Sometimes if it is lactose it can be a dose issue, so for example it takes a certain amount before baby shows any signs. You may want to trial small amounts of just cheese for a few days and see if you can keep it in his diet at a certain level. The same goes with yoghurt. Both of which are low in lactose. If it is a milk protein issue dose may not be relevant, so even at low levels things might be sparked off. Below are some allergy links to provide you with more options re milk allergy: Where to go for more information: The RPA web site has a fabulous booklet you can download on how to cope with bubs who have a milk allergy you can request a copy of Milk Allergy from allergy@email.cs.nsw.gov.au Anaphylaxis Australia - A recipe book containing 80 recipes free of dairy, egg, wheat and sugar. ... Finding allergy–free recipes for those special occasions can be difficult. www.allergyfacts.org.au/product.html There has been a lot of research into the beneficial effects of probiotics and fish oils on inflammatory reactions like eczema, but as you have a young bub, it is best to ask a health care professional about this, or include it into your diet (though breastmilk is fairly stable). You can off course add more fish to baby`s meals, such as tinned salmon with well crushed bones. This will have two benefits in that it is very rich in calcium as well as fish oils. Also you could carefully trial ground nuts and seeds (a powder) in his meals, these will have lots of lovely healthy oils, plus nutrients. Also just on the yoghurts, ensure you are buying a real yoghurt (see tip sheet), some are just thickened milk and hence have more lactose, you may find that he can tolerate these better and that is a way of getting those probiotics into his diet. Yoghurt Go with the finger foods, there are lots of bubs who skip the whole mushy food stage, which is just fine, chunky foods are very important. It`s interesting how many bubs are now showing reactions to rice, we once thought it so inoccuous, but it seems rice reactions can be more severe than wheat. Still trial it carefully without any other new foods or changes and see if you can determine if it is an issue. Keeping in mind that baby can also have baby muesli and wheat based cereals at this point, so rice is less of an issue now. I hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009