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I am looking for a healthy birthday cake recipe

Hello Leanne,
My boy`s first birthday is fast approaching and I am looking for a healthy birthday cake recipe, to date he has not had any `sweets` at all. I don`t want to use any artificial sweetners... any ideas?

Answer: Hi Parker, good work, you sound like you have done really well! Really, you can take any recipe and alter it to suit your needs, instead of sugar you can use pure honey (about 1/2 that of the sugar), or even apple puree as a sweetener if you need it. Banana cake is a good one, it barely needs sweetening, you can get away with about 3 dessert spoons in a cake. You can also try the Huggies Recipe Book, I have some muffin recipes that could be adapted to cakes on there that don’t have any sugar and other members may have posted some options too. Huggies Cookbook The topping will be the hardest to conquer. Even if you find an additive free topping it is still likely to contain sugar. Potentially the least most unhealthy option is to sprinkle it will a light dusting of icing sugar and then decorations. One step onwards would be the natural confectionary or organic confectionary, still lots of sugar but no additives. So I hope that helps, Cheery oh! Leanne
Answered: 01 Jun 2009