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My problem relates to his reluctance to self feed...

Hi Leanne, my baby is nearly 11mths, he eats well (is onto cut up vege`s, slowly progressing to small pieces of meat) & is self weaning from is formula bottles x 3 daily at present. His H2O intake from a sippy cup has also increased of late, which I`m happy about. My problem relates to his reluctance to self feed; of late if I offer him a drink he opens his mouth & leans forward with his arms at his side & drinks, if I encourage him to hold the cup he may take a small sip but then starts playing with the cup & doesn`t drink anymore. This is similar when I give him finger foods, he prefers to play with the food & eats very little, although if fed (which he seems to prefer) he`ll eat practically anything & everything. I assume I should cont. to encourage & persist, but I just wanted to check if this behaviour is indeed normal for his age.
Thanks Kim

Answer: Hi Kim, Yes very normal! Sounds like you are both going just as you would hope, well done! Self-feeding is more likely to occur around the 16-18 month mark. There are quite a few fine motor skills as well as cognitive aspects to feeding yourself, and most babies will need considerable time to practice acquiring such skills. So keep feeding baby, allow him lots of opportunities to eat finger foods they are great practice, as are feeding meshes, and little by little you will see he will take the reins and enjoy it as he goes. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jun 2009