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Does my daughter need an iron supplement?

My daughter is 6x months old and has began eating solids, the first food introduced was farex, my daughter had a reaction to this including a rash and vomiting. She is now eating vegetables and we are starting on some fruits. My concern is that she may not be getting enough iron as the farex is iron ernriched and infants stores of iron deplete from 6months. Does my daughter need an iron supplement?
Thank you

Answer: Hi There, You are right, baby`s own stores of iron begin to run low around six months and iron-deficiency is most common between 7 and 9 months. Its interesting now how many bubs are reacting to rice cereal which we once thought was so innocuous. Still, you can if you wish trial baby on a little piece of meat in a feeding mesh. Baby doesn`t need the flesh but chomping on it in a bag will allow her to get some of the fluid to help with iron a few times a week. You will soon find baby has enough food variety up her sleeve and will of course also be on meat shortly that this is just a stop gap. Once you have baby eating a wide array of foods she will very likely be getting adequate iron. Of course also fish can be trialed soon, and as mentioned you will then be heading down the meat line nicely. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jun 2009