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I was just woundering what`s the best formula to use?

Hi i am trying to introduce a bottle to my 4month old baby boy at night time but he doesn`t seem to want it. I was just woundering whats the best formula to use, and if you had any tips on how to introduce a bottle as i feel hes not geting enough to drink off me at night time.

Answer: Hi There, It can take a while for bubs to adjust to changes, often it is a matter of practice, opportunity and repetition. It can take weeks to get things to click, so sometimes you have to check in that it is something you want to persevere with or if things will naturally change anyway (as they do constantly with babies). This age is also associated with a fussy stage, you can find 4 month olds seem a little unsettled which can be a consequence of teething, growth, just a phase and so on. Often within about 2 weeks things settle back down and resume a normal pace. Breastmilk can tapper off towards the end of the day. You could try a dream breastfeed about midnight if you find that the bottle just isn`t happening or until baby does accept the bottle. Also baby`s bowel bacteria will only now be taking hold so if you can hold off just a little bit longer it will give things a chance to really establish nicely. Plus solids are just around the corner. It is worth keeping in mind though that the early stages of solids don`t offer baby much in terms of calories so they aren`t very filling, but this quickly changes. There`s no trick to helping baby adjust to a bottle, stick with one bottle, teat and formula and keep offering small amounts and take it away if rejected. Every little drop will edge you closer to acceptance. I personally like the sound and look of the Nan Gold formula as they have put a lot of effort into its composition. Hope that helps. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jun 2009