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Is my baby getting enough nutrition for her age?

Hi Leanne,
My little girl is 6.5 months old and we started her on REALLY runny rice (in a bottle) cereal at 3 months. She now eats more solids than she has breastmilk. She usually wakes in the morning (7-830am), has a breastfeed and around 120g baby porridge, will wait until 11am and have a breastfeed offered to her but she refuses. She will have pureed veges for lunch (around 120-180g) and some baby jelly for an afternoon snack (again 120g or more & breastfeed offered and refused). Dinner comes at around 6pm and she has 240g pureed veges, 120g baby custard, a small breastfeed then 730-8pm its bedtime. She will wake at 130-3am for a BIG breastfeed and back to sleep. She is offered water during the day but doesnt drink much. Is my baby getting enough nutrition for her age? She isnt overweight or anything.

Answer: Hi There, Sounds like you have a little gal who loves her food, which is fab! Its` common that bubs reject breast or bottle in favour of solids; but what you can do to bolster her intake of breastmilk is add it to her food. If you can express the feeds she isn`t having you can use the milk in other ways. So on her cereal, in her vegies etc. You could also trial her on a sipper cup with her milk and see if she prefers to drink this way. It doesn`t strictly matter how baby gets her milk as long as you are offering her lots of chances to get access to it. It is very much a case of `leading a horse to water`, if you force the issue you can simply push things in the wrong direction. By combining what baby is taking with added breastmilk in food you should find things are reasonably balanced. If you feel things really aren`t working out, pop into see your CHN or GP just to check everything is fine. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jun 2009