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I would like to give her some liquid vitamin and mineral supplements

Hi Leanne,
My baby is 11.5 months and I would like to give her some liquid vitamins and minerals supplement to be added in her meals. Is it okay to do and if yes could you please recommend some natural and good brand in Australia I could consider? Thank you.

Answer: Hi Adalene, To be honest, unless you know that your bub has a deficiency I would err more towards superfoods and diet as a `supplement`. This way you will be giving baby other plant compounds that will keep her healthy. There are so many benefits to this approach, especially at this age. You can include some of the following as a means of increasing the nutrient diversity and density of meals:
  • Goji berries and other coloured fruit and berries (high in vitamin C and antioxidants)
  • Ground nuts and seeds (add a teaspoon to meals for essential fatty acids and other nutrients)
  • Smoothies which combine superfoods (yoghurts, seed meal, berries and your choice of milk), just a small smoothie for a snack is great for a tot
  • Include fish regularly
  • Broccoli, tomatoes and carrots all have very good health benefits
We know with reasonable certainty that supplements work best when there is a known deficiency. Also, most nutrients exist in a fairly subtle balance, some compete with others and so any imbalance can have a ripple effect and create other issues. In deficiency issues you can see some of the benefits of taking nutrients in an isolated (from food) fashion. We also know clearly that the best health benefits are from food; the synergy from a whole food as yet cannot be duplicated. Particularly eating vegetables and fruit shows strong correlations to lowered disease, longevity and of course reduced nutrient deficiencies. To chose brands I can recommend visiting the Choice site as they did a good review of multi`s. Personally, I stick with Blackmores for a number of reasons (quality, cost and ethics). Another option is to pop into a good health food shop and ask for their advice too. Most supplements for children start from 2 years in terms of dose so you will need to ask about dose issues also. Hope that helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jun 2009