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Should I be encouraging her to eat more of these foods?

Hi Leanne
We`ve so far been very lucky and my 9 month old daughter is not at all fussy - in fact the only limit to what she`ll try seems to be my caution. Although things like bread (she`s tried seeded and loved it!) and cheese (again a big fan) are theoretically ok, I`m concerned about the salt content. The same applies with canned tuna. Should I be encouraging her to eat more of these foods? Also, she has a healthy appetite but I limit her snacks, again for fear of filling her up on `additional` food.

An average day is currently:
B`fast - porridge & fruit (sometimes with yoghurt)
Lunch - mixed veg with spices (sometimes with wholemeal pasta and/or cheese)
Dinner - meat (chicken, fish or minced beef) with veg and pasta or lentils, sometimes with cheese
If I offer snacks its usually seeded bread or fruit.

Does this offer enough nutrition and variety???

Answer: Hi There, It all looks great, its so nice when your bub tucks into a good meal. On the issue of sodium (salt), if you are offering baby a whole-food diet, that is avoiding the processed foods, likely she will be fine with her sodium levels. I have to confess we buy salt-reduced butter and so on, and also tinned fish in spring water etc. It doesn`t hurt to keep sodium under control, so many of our foods that are made for us now (even those not processed as such) have reasonably high salt. You can also check the label under the 100g column for products with 100mg or less here, that will tend to suggest a lower sodium range. In terms of your bubs eating, it looks great. Keep up with the variety, I think that is one of the keys to avoiding fussy eating. You may find that on days where baby has had largely carbohydrate type foods such as fruit and vegies that she will want a little extra food along the way. These have fewer calories, babies are very good at self-regulation and will balance out their 24-hour energy needs over the day. On days where, say, cheese or other protein foods feature then you may see the total amount of food is a little lower. So you can see that what baby eats will affect her appetite and total food intake. I hope that makes sense. At this stage the important thing as mentioned is to work through lots of variety of tastes and textures. Work up to finger foods and toward adult-style meals by 12 months. About this point you can begin to look more at the nutritional content of your toddlers food (I have a tip sheet on this if you want to have a sneak peak, the link is: Meal servings checks I hope that helps, keep up the great work. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009