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Is there a formula that is close to breast milk?

I have a 8 month old son Jack, who i haven`t been apart from since the day he was born. I`m breastfeeding and have tried to give him a bottle so i could have a break but he wont take it. Should i just use the cup? Also i have tried expessing and i can never get much out cos he just drains me. Jack is a very good feeder. I was wondering if i can try giving him formula and what sort? Is there one that is close to breast milk? I have given him S26 gold before and he threw it all up, but he has full cream milk, so i dont think its that. It would only be for a day or a night or a couple of hours so I can have time out. Very much in need. Dont really want to give formula but i just cant get anything out.

Would really appreciate some advice.
Thanks, Teagan.

Answer: Hi Teagan, It sounds to me that your best advice would be to do what is best for you and your bub. A happy, rested mum, generally is a happy family! First off, yes a cup is fine for breastmilk or formula from six months so head for a lovely stage one sipper cup. Of course breastmilk is best, but as one mum to another, your bub is now on solids so the whole issue of exclusive feeding is null and void, so formula in essence is another sort of `food`. If you opt for a top up feed with formula, my research suggests that Nan Gold has a protein composition as close to breastmilk as humanly possible from a lab (so to speak). They also suggest they have less reactive issues with their formula and of course they are well priced. You can also chat to your chemist about their views, especially if a particular formula doesn`t sit well with baby. True, you aren`t too far of weaning and of course once you get to the 9 month mark and food is offered first, you can see a decline in the requirements by baby for breastmilk, making life that much more flexible. Just giving you both sides of the discussion. So again, I would recommend as a mum to you to do what works for you! Only you walk in your own shoes, and all of this is a moment in time, which will pass quickly! All the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009