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For the last few weeks she has had some blood in her poo

Hi Leanne, I am breastfeeding my four month old daughter and for the last four weeks she has had some blood in her poo. Not much, just small streaks. The poos are also quite runny, sometimes a little green and mucousy. Over the four week period, it has happened about 5 times. I have taken her to my GP and she tested (using a stool sample) for any sign of infection and lactose intolerance. These came back clear. I phoned the paedtrician and he believes that it is an allergy she may have developed to protein in my breastmilk from either dairy, egg or soy. He has suggested that I go on a dairy, soy and egg free diet for 3 weeks to see if this makes a difference. I have been doing this for a week and there is not much change as yet. I am concerned about waiting for this and whether it is harmful to her in the meantime. Can you give me any information on whether this is common and if you think I should get a second opinion now or keep on the 3 week elimination diet? Also, I was thinking of weaning her soon. If she does have an allergy to dairy, are there formulas I could use?
Thanks Liz

Answer: Hi Liz, I think in your question lay the issue; there are quite a few unanswered questions. Personally, I believe in cases where you aren`t sure of what is going on, the best thing is to progress slowly and limit any major changes. This reduces the stress for you all, and also helps with catching the culprit, if there is on. With your diet, it is of course important that you don`t go with out, so I would eliminate just one food at a time for two weeks, then if no change, move onto the next. This way you are less likely to experience any nutrient issues and of course it makes cooking a whole lot easier. The issue of weaning is probably best tackled when you are both back on track. No point adding more complexity to things at this stage. That the blood in baby`s stools has only recently started could mean many things. Bright red blood tends to suggest it is coming from an area nearer the end of the line (just to put it more diplomatically). I am assuming your GP would have tested for what is called `occult` blood, blood that is darker and not easy to see with the eye? It might be good to buzz and just ask this and if not, it would certainly help to know at what point the blood is occurring. I hope this is making sense and you can see where I am going with this line of reasoning. I would have thought that if baby was to have a reaction to proteins, it would more likely result in occult blood, that is the reaction is occurring much higher up in the very long length of intestines that we have. I would then take this knowledge and see about visiting a second specialist, it is definitely something to work through. Getting some of the blanks cleared up will help with a good direction to go in. Fingers crossed for you, feel free to let me know how you get on! Or if you wanted to email me if you needed something clarified I am happy to help. Cheery oh, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009