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Is feeding her tinned fruit in fruit juice ok?

I have a 7 month old daughter and i am wondering if feeding her tinned fruit in fruit juice is ok? I have been giving her tinned peaches after her evening meal and sometimes when she is teething it is all she will eat. I wash the juice off before serving, however i am wondering if they are too high in sugar?

Answer: Hi There, Another good question, I like these and I am sure the members like to read these also. To my way of thinking there are two types of tinned fruit, one that is made from syrup (AKA sugar/sucrose); and the other that is made from fruit juice (AKA fruit sugar, fructose). As we know, added sugar is increasingly being linked to many health issues as well as our expanding waist-lines. So, if you can when you buy tinned fruit check the ingredients panel doesn`t list sugar or additives. I think they are a good stop-gap; naturally fresh fruit is ideal. However, sadly these days with the storage and transport of produce some of our `fresh` produce doesn`t offer as much nutrition as frozen varieties and some tinned. Fruit sugars can upset tinny tummies, particularly apple and pear, so opt for other fruit varieties, and yes washing off the juice can help, but if it is natural juice - other than apple or pear - it probably isn`t too much of a problem. I hope that helps, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jun 2009