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I have an 8 month old who has a terrible time doing a poo

I have an 8 month old who has a terrible time doing a poo. She eats weet bix for breakfast with milk, apple and prunes. I add spinach to her bolognaise sauce. She eats very few bananas. I try to give her a balanced diet with as much water as she will take. Do you have any other suggestions. She is on Nan HA2 which i give after meals. Often when she is pushing to poo she goes purple and her milk / yoghurt often comes out through her nose and it might take 6 little pebbles before she finally has a substantial movement. Pretty awful to watch.

Answer: Hi Louise, Yes, constipation can be very upsetting especially where it is associated with discomfort. That bub is having pebble-type poos does tend to support that it is constipation. Most commonly it occurs as a consequence of starting solids. Babies kidneys need more fluid than ours to process food so there is less left to keep poo soft. Some things you might like to consider are:
  • Increasing baby`s intake of water, offer water as often as you can, babies don`t have a great thirst reflex.
  • Check the dilution of baby`s formula and ensure that the scoop is not packed
  • Use more formula in baby`s foods and increase the watery-consistency of one of babies meals (not all of them as you want to keep progressing up the texture scale)
If you find that things just don`t improve, no matter what you try, I would pop into your CHN or GP for a quick check of things. Fingers crossed for you, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009