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He always has diarrhea, and looks very little but with a bloated belly

Hello Leanne,
I have a 14mth old boy who is allergic to dairy & eggs. He is a very fussy eater & i have to be careful what i can give him. He is on elecare formular as is intolerant to soy. He seems to be very slow at gaining weight as he is 9kg. My problem is that he always has diarrhea and looks very little but with a bloated belly always. I have been reintroducing dairy as directed but seems to still disagree as his poo gets worse & eczema tends to flare up. His bloating is a worry as am not sure if we should be looking at supplements or something. My other son is 3 and didn`t have any of these problems his belly never looked bloated at all. Is this affecting his growth for later on in life? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Robyn

Answer: Hi Robyn, There can be a few reasons why a toddler has a distended belly, often it is quite normal as their tummy muscles aren`t well developed. Still if you feel it is more than the usual, it is important to get someone to check things over. I am guessing as your little one is on Elecare that you have been to a paediatrician? I would though recommend seeing a nutritionist, dietitian or naturopath about his diet, just to check things like protein and other nutrients. The links below to each of the organisations list registered practitioners by area so you might like to phone a couple until you find someone who sounds good and has a background in childhood nutrition. - www.daa.asn.au - www.nsa.asn.au - www.atms.com.au I have a tip sheet on my site about underweight children, but I would really recommend seeing someone about this, given he is experiencing diarrhoea, has a history of allergy and so on. Hopefully one thing at a time can be dealt with to unwind the layers that may be building up. If you can find someone who can find the root of the issues then it makes it much easier to go forward in a knowing fashion. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009