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Can you make fresh custard for a 6 1/2 month old?

Hi Leanne,I have a 6 1/2 month old girl she gets fresh vegetables and friut,but have seen the jars with vanilla and custard etc,can u make that for a 61/2 month old fresh as i have not come across any receipies for that sort of meal and how much is enough solids for her as really loves her food and always screams for more so the bottle normally follows straight after (couldnt breast feed not enough milk).Has 3 bottles a day plus two solid feeds is that to much and hates water now,how can i get her to like it again. Thanks Caroline

Answer: Hi Caroline, Yes you can make things like custard and of course add a tiny bit of vanilla essence. You can make it as per a normal custard, though often at this age it is good to use baby`s formula, then add some custard powder and DA DAR! My only comment is to watch out for sweet foods as babies have an innate preference for sweet and salty. Until about 9 months (unless otherwise advised), offer formula before food, this way baby can eat as much as they want without worrying that baby hasn`t had all the right nutrients first. I have some tip sheets on Huggies on starting solids and also a book, they might give you some more ideas on foods to offer at different ages, the links are: Solids Also on the link below is a great chart on solids I did for Organic Bubs, its perfect for the fridge! On the issue of water, my second was the same, it is really a matter of gently persistence. Offer water as often as you can think to and every little drop will get you closer to acceptance. Don`t be tempted to sweeten it, it can really delay water acceptance and of course the sugars aren`t ideal. I hope that helps, keep up the great work. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009