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My 2.5 yr old daughter won`t eat meat

My 2.5 yr old daughter won`t eat meat. I give her an incremin supplement to try and aid in her iron levels. Is there a better supplement you would recommend as she seems to be waking up still tired is this a general vitamin deficiency. Also any tips for foods that assist weight gain - she lost alittle weight recently with a virus so I would like to include some foods in her diet that would add alittle weight.

She loves a huge variety of fruit and veges so I believe her diet is not too bad.

Answer: Hi There, Iron is a tricky one, it isn`t quickly lost from the body so it can be over-dosed easily, which is why it is often best to test levels first. You might like to pop into a good health food shop and ask about a kids multi, this way all the nutrients involved in iron use and energy are given in `kid` relevant levels. Personally, I like Floradex for iron as it is a good, safe, but still absorbable form. Also, for children it`s good to know that iron-fortified baby cereal has iron which is absorbed almost as well as meat. So adding that to meals and smoothies can be helpful and less fuss. On the issue of weight gain I have a tip sheet on my site on this, the link is: It should explain the how, why and what. My favourite weight gain snack is a smoothie with yoghurt, your choice of milk, fruit and what ever else you like to pop in (I add ground nuts and seeds, they are in a powder form). Remember you don`t need meat to reach the RDI for iron, there are lots of healthy vegetarian children. Offering vitamin C-rich foods with meals can help the absorption of plant iron, and a healthy varied diet goes a long way too (which you note your toddler has). Don`t forget the pulses, nuts and seeds though, they are important in a diet lacking in meat, as is dairy. Oh, and if your toddler does like chicken and fish then there will be some iron in those. Sometimes meat is a texture issue, I have to confess I don`t enjoy red meat at all. Hope that helps, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009