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How can I get her to eat lumpy foods?

Hi Leanne,
I have a 8 1/2 month old who started eating solids @ 4months old, however she will only eat really pureed foods. Every time I offer anything mashed or slightly lumpy she spits it straight back out. I also offer her water through the day and she will drink a little but prefers her formula so she will eat 3 meals and 3 to 4 bottles a day. Is this enough and how can I get her to eat lumpy foods?
Thanks Kym

Answer: Hi Kym, Firstly, yes the three meals and 3-4 formula a day is just fine. At about 9 months you can swap to food before formula, so you may find that her intake of formula drops down, but this is normal. Keep offering water, my second took to 11 months to fully take to water. Offer it without a fuss, even just a few drops is a good start, offer as often as you can and it will happen. On the issue of textured food, sometimes bubs jump straight to finger foods. Given baby is over 8 months you might like to `test the water` by offering her something yummy in a feeding mesh. This way you don`t need to worry about choking. Then in another meal offer her a small finger food morsel and see how it goes. If she can manage finger foods well and has no problem swallowing then go for it, make the transition and enjoy the stage. If you find baby has trouble swallowing (which it doesn`t sound like) then I would consider chatting with a paediatric speech pathologist, they deal with all things oral and mechanical. I hope that helps All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009