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My daughter is 6 months and she can`t handle any foods

hi, i was just wondering if you could help me. Any advice would help right now while waiting for doctor to get back to me. My daughter is just about 6 months and she cant handle any foods, she gets a really sore tummy a coulpe of hours after eating, it doesnt matter on the amount i give her. She is a really hungary baby, we cant eat in front of her she just cries she even steals her brothers food out of his hand to eat it. Have you heard of this before and what should i do. Even my doctor was stund. Please get back to me.

Answer: Hi There, it`s hard to say what might be happening here. It can be multiple sensitivities or even mechanical (though this most likely would have come up even earlier). So given the wide possibilities its hard to really give you any ideas on going forward. I am wondering just which foods you have trialed with baby as this might give more of a clue. Rice based foods, for example, we are finding more and more are causing reactions. So if you started with this you might like to trial something like sweet potato or even a tiny bit of avocado. It`s really good that you are going to a paediatrician, sorry to hear it is taking a while, it`s never easy when bubs aren`t 100%. If you have time before the paediatrician`s appointment can you repost your question on Huggies to me with more info on the foods you have tried baby on? All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 Jun 2009