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He now favours solids over his milk, but it`s too soon

Hi Leanne, first of all I would just like to say how fantastic your book is. I was really confused as to what food was best for my 6 month old boy Lucas but felt at ease as soon as your book arrived, thankyou.

My concern at the moment is that I started Lucas on solids at 4 months and he now favours it over his formula milk. He will have approx 600ml of formula throughout the day, is this enough for his age? He now knows the time of day he has his solids and will refuse his formula. I give Lucas fruit in the morning and vegetables later in the afternoon.

I am concerned that I started Lucas on solids early and he is now already working up to wanting 3 solid meals per day.I feel this may be too soon. Please can you offer me your advice, it would be greatly appreciated, as I don`t want to over feed him.

Kind Regards,

Answer: Hi Sharlene, That`s fab that the book has been helpful, I am really thrilled! You will know my motto by now, `let baby be your guide`. Yes ideally he will be taking in all little more formula, but then you can increase the total amount by using it in all his meals. It is very much a case of `leading a horse to water...`. Forcing the issue can have the opposite effect and make things worse. So for now:
  • Keep offering formula before solids
  • Try offering them about 1 hour apart (as it takes about 20 minutes for tummies to empty)
  • Use formula in babies meals
  • Keep on as you are, offering lots of variety, working up through the textures and letting baby lead you to some extent
  • Don`t be too worried by dates and numbers. What we know about feeding babies is based largely on our beliefs about feed practices, more than research. Hence why information is just a guide, be flexible
  • Keep an eye on Lucas`s growth and if you notice any changes then pop into see your CHN
This like all things in infancy will pass, you may find you have a bub `chomping at the bit` to move onto solids, but that`s not unusual. I hope that helps. All the best to you both, Leanne
Answered: 29 Jun 2009