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I have trouble getting him to finish a bottle

my little boy lochlan is 8 months old and i have trouble getting him to finish a bottle he is on heinz gold formula (200ml bottles) he pushes it away and i have to force feed him more as he only drinks about 100 ml`s. he has a bottle 3 times a day plus meals which he eats fine even straight after a bottle. he has no other fluids but i have tried baby juice or boiled water also. he also seems to have a very sensitive gag reflex and does not like chunkier foods he likes 4 months foods plus i have made my own veggies and potatoes mix which he also gags on and throws up everything plus some! he is small for his age at 8kg`s what can i do to help him or will he grow out of this?

Answer: Hi Jessica, Just on the easier of the topics, water, I would keep offering him water, as often as you can over the day. It took my son till 11 months to get used to water so persevere, it will happen. Don`t be tempted to use juice as its not great for them (especially apple and pear which can lead to tummy upsets) and it can prevent them from getting started on water. On the issue of formula, it is common that some bubs simply prefer solids to liquid and to a degree you have to `let baby be your guide`. Forcing the issue can heighten the problem and little ones can `dig their toes` in even more. Yes, ideally she will be taking in all little more formula, but then you can increase the total amount by using it in all her meals. It is very much a case of `leading a horse to water...`. So for now:
  • Keep offering formula before solids
  • Try offering them about 1 hour apart (as it takes about 20 minutes for tummies to empty)
  • Use formula in babies meals
  • Keep on as you are, offering lots of variety, working up through the textures and letting baby lead you to some extent
  • Don`t be too worried by dates and numbers. What we know about feeding babies is based largely on our beliefs about feed practices, more than research. Hence why information is just a guide, be flexible
  • Keep an eye on baby`s growth and if you notice a drop or a stagnation then pop into see your CHN or GP and look at getting specialised help.
On the subject of gagging etc, I would look at visiting a paediatric speech pathologist to check baby`s oral mechanics. Sounds like he has a very sensitive gag reflex so it would be really good to just check that out. I hope that helps. All the best to you both, Leanne
Answered: 29 Jun 2009