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My 13mth old boy refuses to drink any milk other than mine

Hi Leanne,
I have a 13mth old boy who refuses to drink any other type of milk other than mine. I breast fed him right up until about 2 weeks ago. I stopped feeding him as I feel I have done my time and he began to show no interest when it was being offered, especially once he got his teeth at 11 mths of age. I`ve tried every morning and night for about 3 months of giving him cows milk. He will take a sip and then relise what is in his sippy cup and then refuses to drink it. I tried other types of milk like soy and even flavouring cows milk. He still refuses to drink it. I have tried different styles of cups and bottles and at different temperatures. Nothing has worked. He does not like cheeses or yoghurt on its own either. I have spoken to the CYH nurses and my GP and they can not give me any help. He will have 1/2 - 3/4 cup of milk in his cereal in the mornings and either a Le Rice snack or custard throughout the day and I make a quiche for him that he has a couple of times a weeek that is full of milk, egg and cheese. I also put a few teaspoons of pecerino style cheese in his pasta. He also this 1-2 times per week. I just worry that he is not getting all his calcuim needs. He does eat a well balanced diet. He also is not a very big drinker either, he is lucky to get through one sippy cup of fluid per day (300ml). Is there anything that I can do to that I have not already tried to make him drink his milk or is he getting enough calcuim through his diet that he does not require cups of milk?

Answer: Hi Kirsty, It sounds like you have really worked hard to find a solution, so well done to you. Keep on with what you are doing, each of those ideas will most definitely help to ensure your toddler gets the nutrients he requires. You could also try a smoothie, sometimes the fruit, yoghurt and milk together make the whole idea of milk or milk alternatives more palatable. Failing that you can also try small ice-blocks made of the same thing, they can be a great treat and nutritional bonus at the end of the day and on days where you have found calcium-rich foods were in short supply. Tinned fish with bones (crushed) is such a rich source of calcium so adding that to his pasta say 2-3 nights a week might be useful. Below is a snippet on dairy-free calcium options, from a great site: Where can I source dairy-free calcium foods? A brief list of calcium-containing foods includes: tempeh, dried pineapple, calcium-fortified drinks such as soy, rice, almond etc., ground sunflower seeds, dried apricots, miso, canned fish with bones (mashed up), oatmeal, kidney beans, baked beans, broccoli. Source: http://healthybones.com.au/threeserves.pdf If your son is having a good varied diet and it certainly sounds like he is, then it is reasonably likely all is well. If you wanted to double check and be reassured you could visit a nutritionist or dietitian who uses a computer program to analyse diets and see if he is getting all the right stuff. I hope this helps and reassures you. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 22 May 2009