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I know at times he is hungry, but he doesn`t seem to link the bottle to this...

Hi Leanne,
My little boy is turning 9 months soon, but since his first tooth started to come through he has refused fluids. I have spoken to several people and not one has had this problem. We have changed the type of bottle (different bottles, beakers and cups), and fluid type (formula, water, baby juice). I haven`t changed the type of formula as it doesn`t seem to be a taste thing - sometimes he gets upset by the sight of the bottle without actually trying it.

He is very healthy otherwise, and eats very well, 3 big meals a day and whatever I am eating! He is passing urine ok. But this is with me giving him fluids when he sleeps. We did try cutting down his solids but it made no difference. I know at times he is hungry, but he doesn`t seem to link the bottle to this. Should I just relax and let him do what he wants. We aim for aroung 500mls a day of any fluid. I am worried that me pushing him is going to make it worse. Help, more tips needed!!

Answer: Hi There, I think your intuition has answered your question nicely. If you are managing 500mls without any stress or forcing, keep on like that. You can take heart from the fact that your bub is growing at his usual rate, this tends to suggest all is well. You are right, it is highly likely that forcing the issue can have the opposite effect. In a few short months you bub will be a toddler and onto a full adult-style diet. Add his formula to his foods as often as you can and you can also if you wish make the move to an age appropriate sipper cup. That might break the dread at the sight of the bottle. You could also try a smoothie, with his formula and a little fruit, not too much as ideally you want to keep the formula as `true` as possible. Keep offering water as often as you can think to, but take it away if rejected it. It can take many months for some bubs to adjust to water. Avoid flavouring it as it can make the process even longer. If though you find that things get worse or that baby`s health or growth are being affected pop into see your CHN or BP. I hope that is reassuring. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009