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I have a 14 mth old boy who has gone off his milk bottle completely

Hi Leane,
I have a 14 mth old boy who has gone off his milk bottle completely (against my will). I have tried to offer him other milk products (including cheese, kids yoghurt, cow, soy milk) but all failed. He would have milk in his rolled oat or have dessert such as yogo, cream caramel or milo yoghurt only. I`m just wondering if he has 2 -3 of these sweets a day, would it be too much sugar consumption for his age?
Thank you for your help
Regards, Tammy

Answer: Hi Tammy, sounds like your little on has self-weaned, which is very normal. Doesn`t sound like you have a dairy-food-loving toddler, which again isn`t unusual. Plenty of children don`t or can`t eat dairy foods and do just fine. The trick is plenty of healthy varied food. However, as your little one is still young I would continue to offer him cheese, milk or calcium-enriched milk alternatives, yoghurt etc in various forms. You can add yoghurt to his cereal, smoothies, even mashed potato (don`t be limited by the way we eat as adults). Same with cheese, toasted sandwiches, mashed vegies, cream cheese on crackers, plain ole grated, scrambled eggs, scones etc. So yes, keep adding it where you can without it causing him to reject that food also. I have a tip sheet on Huggies on weaning and cows` milk, it explains how much milk toddlers need in order to reach their daily serving and RDI of calcium. The link is: Milk Intake While I am sure even the dessert-style milk products will have good levels of calcium, like you have said, they are also likely to have added sugar and possibly food additives. At this tender age avoiding the nasties is a good idea. So instead try some of the healthier options, for example, Jalna have a lovely peach yoghurt that has no added bits. What I will do is pop a product listing that we (Sneakys) have been putting together onto our web site (www.sneakys.com.au under the resources link). It is a list of snacks and other foods that are healthy but get the thumbs up from our children. Most of the products you can source from the supermarket. If any members are reading this also and have products they would like us to look at and consider adding to our personal products listing, just let us know at sneakys.com.au So I hope this helps. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009