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Over the past week he has completely stopped drinking bottle milk

Hi Leanne
I have a six month old son and he has started on solids now. I started formula a month and a half ago as I felt I did`nt have much to offer myself(breast feed). He refused to take formula initially. After many trials of different brands of formula he accepted, but only takes about 60 or max 90ml per feed. The no of bottle feeds he takes is 3 a day (with great difficulty).

Of late (past week) he has completely stopped drinking bottle milk. I`ve read, for his age he must have atleast 200ml per feed. He loves his solids and enjoys a variety of veges. My concern is the milk intake. What do I do? I`ve been adding scoups of formula with his solid(farex)food. Other than this he refuses to milk in the bottle.

Very concerned mum

Answer: Hi Sushma, interestingly this has become a common concern and I have had many mums with the same worry. So you aren`t alone. You never know, perhaps the food we make now is so delicious it wins out over formula... :) For now keep offering baby his formula before his solids, you can continue with the same feeds or offer smaller, but more regular ones over the day. Try not to offer solids and formula too close together as bubs can simply hold out until they get their solids. Keep using his formula in his foods where ever practical, that is almost as good as him drinking it and every little bit helps. The guides on the tins are just a `one size fits all` approach, very rough. Most bubs will consume about 30 mls per kg of body weight, but even this is just a guide. Your best guide though is your bub. Keep offering, don`t force it as it can have the opposite effect and keep an eye on his growth and health. If you notice any changes then it is time to pop into see your CHN or GP for a check of things. One last option is to offer baby a sipper cup; you don`t want to make too many changes, but sometimes presenting the same thing but in a different way can help. Occasionally having someone else feed baby his formula can also help. I hope one or more of these helps things `click` back into place soon. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 01 Jul 2009