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When can I make her custard, and is she able to have gelatine yet?

I`ve just started my daughter on solids and I`m loving the different combinations of food I can make for her (that she loves). When can I make her custard (with egg, or with custard powder)? and is she able to have gelatine - I have a peach mousse recipe that has gelatine.

Answer: Hi Deb, Well done to you both, sounds like solids has been a real hit! The current guidelines recommend whole egg from 12 months, there are some cultures who offer it much much sooner, certainly egg yolk tends to fine earlier. Exactly from what age differs to be honest, but from 9ish months is probably fine. Custard should be fine from now onwards, especially as it will only be a small amount. Whole cows’ milk as a drink (so a cup or more) isn’t recommended until after 12 months also as it can upset tiny intestines. But milk can be offered as part of meals, for example in cereal and so on. Gelatine too should be fine. I would just try each new food over 3 or so days, then you can combine them into a recipe and confidently know that baby shouldn’t react to any of these. The guidelines probably come across as quite vague, really what we know about solid is based on our cultures feeding practices over actual research. At least this gives us (parents and carers) some leeway to do what suits our families best! Let baby be your guide to some degree. Slow and steady... Bon appetite! Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009