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I`m wondering if moving onto solids now will help her weight gain?

My five month old was recently weighed and has only gained 500g in two months! However she has grown in length by five centimetres, plunket was not too worried as she is just below the 50th percentile for weight.She is fully breastfeed, five times a day and sleeps eleven hours straight at night without waking, lucky I know. I am reluctant to wake her at night for a feed as she sleeps so well and does`nt wake up hungry.I`m wondering if moving onto solids now will help her weight gain?She is very interested in what I eat and can open her mouth for a spoon so is probaly ready?Oh..she also has reflux and is a happy spiller(alot), would this have something to do with her poor weight gain? thanks. Deanna.

Answer: Hi Deanna, Most major shifts in percentiles will occur in the first few months, and generally will subside by 2 years. Your little one may well just be heading towards her genetically predetermined size. Just like adults babies are all different, some short, some tall, some big, some small. There is enormous variation. What’s important is any sudden changes or going right of the charts. As you have done the right thing and been to your CHN it is likely all is well, but just keep monitoring things. Solids in the early stages aren’t a great source of calories. Breastmilk is 54% fat, where as a teaspoon or two of vegies or fruit just doesn’t compare, hence they don’t tend to help with weight gain initially. However, if you feel baby is ready then its a good time to start, simply because she is ready to. What you will find is that in a few weeks she may work up to some good quantity and soon the variety of foods baby will take can help with balancing things. Some mums have found that waking bub for a dream feed (say before you go to bed) can help with weight, certainly it will provide more nutrition for weight gain that a little bit of solids. Focus on the quality of food, moving through textures and variety. This way if your bub is simply heading to her pre-programmed weight then you haven`t been distracted by something that wasn’t an issue, I hope that makes sense. Keep in touch with your nurse, monitor baby well and then if there is an issue you will be well placed with solids to take action, but don’t forget that if weight is an issue then an extra breastfeed is more likely to help. In many cases solids helps bubs with reflux. I have some tip sheets on Huggies on starting solids and also a book that might help with progressing through solids, the links are: Solids Which foods when and fridge chart I hope that is reassuring, keep up the good work. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009