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My son has just been diagnosed with protein intolerance

My name is Jodi and my 3mths old son has just been diagnosed with protein intolerance but the Ped wasn`t that insightful about this and she didn`t really run any tests eg: bloods ect... Every question i asked she told me to wait until i go back in 12wks and `we will take it from there` but i would just like to have a general idea of what will/may affect my son for who no`s how long.

I was just wondering if you could help me in anyway either with general information or referring me to a book about this (i have tried finding one online and i am having great difficulty finding anything.)

Everything my son goes through indicates that he has a Protein Allergy not an intolerance - is there anything i should try to do to confirm either he is or isn`t?

I hope to hear back from you soon.
Thank you,

Answer: Hi Jodi, I am guessing baby is on formula and that’s how it is the reaction has been diagnosed without any testing. You don’t mention the symptoms he was or is experiencing, but I am guessing weight issues as a consequence of not being able to hold the formula down. Sorry... I am thinking out loud and trying to form a picture. One test that can be done without being invasive is a lactose intolerance test (its a breath test), so you could ask your GP if he or she does this or if they can refer you to a GP that does. Simple and at least you can tick that off the list. It would be helpful as you say to have more information. Certainly you could ask your GP to have the information sent to him or her and talk with them about it, remember they are your files and you have the right to know what is in them. I wonder if they suspect a cows’ milk protein allergy (CMP). There is a great deal of information on this and you certainly would not be alone in having a bub experiencing this. What I have done is provided a range of links below on allergies, you will find fact sheets, info and recipe books for all the different allergy states. Without know just what the issue is I have included most of the allergy areas. Allergy links: Allergy Recipe Books: RPA Friendly Food Recipe and Food Intolerance Book from the Allergy Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia Coeliac Support - or (for NZ) Anaphylaxis Australia - A recipe book containing 80 recipes free of dairy, egg, wheat and sugar. ... Finding allergy–free recipes for those special occasions can be difficult. Milk allergy So I hope this gives you a starting point. Lastly, remember that it’s your babies health and a second opinion is within your right if you feel you haven’t gained much ground. Finding a health care professional is as much about getting a good patient:practitioner fit! All the best to you both, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009