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Is what she eats on a typical day okay?

Hi Leanne,
Just hoping you can advise whether what my almost 10 month daughter eats on a typical day is okay for her age.

On waking - Rafferty`s Gardern cereal & a slice of toast.
About 30 minutes later - 120ml Formula
Around 11.30am - Pasta shapes, cooked pieces of chicken breast, baked beans.
About 30 minutes later - 180ml formula
Around 3pm - Yoghurt
5pm - pasta shapes, chicken, baked beans (or some of our dinner depending on what we have)
6pm - 240ml formula

She also snacks on rice cakes, rice rusks and raw carrot sticks throughout the day and has a sippy cup of water. She was up until 1 week ago having 120ml formula at 3pm but we changed to yoghurt and she hasnt seemed to miss the bottle.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Answer: Hi Hayley, looks great to me. All the food groups are now represented, food before formula, water for additional fluid, regular intake over the day, whole foods, chunks and so on. All ticked off! Remember variety is the best way to get a range of health compounds and nutrients over the day, so watch for repeats of foods. Keep on as you are, as you can see you are nearing an adult-style diet, so from 12 months baby will eat similarly to the family. Well done, Leanne
Answered: 08 Jul 2009