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At what age can babies have ham?

Hi there,
At what age can babies have ham??
Thanks Joyce

Answer: Hi Joyce, There are no real guidelines on things like ham, having said that generally most ham is high in sodium so 12 months onwards is likely to be fine. You can also now get some much nicer ham, more suitable to little ones. I think it is Hans Ham that is available with no additives or nitrites and has less salt (see except below): Hans hams and roast chicken At last!!! Lunch-meats with no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, gluten free, less salt, natural green tea extract as the antioxidant. And what`s even more important there are no nitrites on the ingredients panel. You could offer small amounts of this from say 9ish months if you felt it was necessary. Hope that helps, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jul 2009