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I dont want to see her dehydrated or lacking

hi Leanne, my 5 month daughter has a mix of breast and formula, she has: 150 ml in the morning (breast), 170 ml at lunch (formula), breast feed in the afternoon, 200ml for dinner and 220ml(formula) at 11pm. Is this enough? she doesnt cry out for food and we reduced her morning feed because she kept vomiting up around 30ml anyway, and seems happy with the amount. upon reading other info out there is seems that this is not enough quantity during the day. The doctor says she is "well covered", i dont want to see her dehydrated or lacking. her skin is a little dry, should i give her some water as well?

Answer: Hi Michelle, Ideally your best guide is your baby. Most breastfeed bubs consume about 800mls over 24 hours, formula feed bubs differ greatly from this. Given baby is being complimentary feed it is even more reason to let baby be your guide. If your little one is growing at her usual rate you can be pretty sure all the bases are covered. Don`t be too swayed by tins and other `guides`, they tend to be a `one size fits all`, for obvious reasons. It sounds to me that your bub is doing just fine, so the proof is in the pudding! Water can be offered if it is hot or baby requires additional fluid, it is also ideally started with solids to help baby`s kidneys to cope with them. It doesn`t sound like bub is on solids or is experiencing anything like constipation, so I would wait until you start solids. Dry skin tends to relate more to the types of oils in the diet, plus localised issues such as they type of bath products and so on. While dry skin is often best dealt with from inside out, I can totally recommend the Weleda Baby Bath Cream, its divine! Once baby is on solids and you get up to fish you can offering lovely oily fish such as salmon and this can help. Keep up the great work. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jul 2009