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What should the meat portion per meal be for a 10 month old baby?

I was just wondering what the meat portion per meal should be for a 10 month old baby? I usually mix this with vegies but I am afraid I am feeding too much meat per serve? Also is it important for a baby of this age to have one or two serves of meat or protein a day?
Thank you for your help

Answer: Hi Brooke, Exactly what bubs should eat and how much to be honest is still a bit of a mystery, there isnt a great deal of science behind infant feeding practices. As a rough guide at this age, its ideal to offer baby a little protein at each of the main meals, about their tiny palm is the equivalent (so a tablespoon or so), just as a rough guide. Really, one of the best ways to ensure nutritional adequacy is variety. If you offer a little of a wide array of foods each day, you will be going great. Gaining nutrients from a variety of sources provides many more benefits than gaining the same nutrient from one or two main sources. For example, iron, getting iron from both meat and non-meat sources is ideal as they both come with different nutrients and different health compounds many of which work with iron. I hope that makes sense. It gets easier to monitor food groups and so on in the toddler years and onward, see the tip sheet below just as an idea of where you are heading: Meal servings checks You are very close to an adult-style diet and will find it so much easier when you get there. All the best, Leanne
Answered: 15 Jul 2009