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I want to start introducing formula, but he won`t take it

Hi Leanne
I am currently breastfeeding my almost 9 month old son & want to start introducing formula, as I am returning back to work when he is 12 months. I have tried a few different ones & he doesn`t like them & screams no matter how many times we have tried. My partner & also my mum have tried, incase it was just he didn`t want to take it from me. We use a sipping cup which is what he has his water in. I haven`t tried Heinz Nurture formula so I rang them today to get a sample, as it`s costly to buy the tins & then find out he doesn`t like them. They can`t send me a sample as they have to support breastfeeding until 12 months. I have read I can`t introduce cow`s milk until 12 months. Could you please help me Thanks Lorraine

Answer: Hi Lorraine, It can be stressful when you know you have to get back to work and need bub to take formula. You have done the right thing in trying to get other people to feed baby and likely when you do go back to work and baby has no option that, if he hasn`t by then, he will make the leap. One thing that comes to mind is that if baby is 12 months when you return to work, you may well not need any formula. Even if you opt to continue breastfeeding at that stage 1-2 a day (say before or after work) is fine as your then toddler will be on a full, varied and healthy diet and can do just fine on this. So you can pop the formula way, save the money and worry. If you would prefer to continue it would be best to stick with just one formula, and offer little and often over the day, but take it away when rejected. Trial and opportunity but without pushing as it can have the opposite effect. Changing formula can just add more confusion into the mix, so reduce the number of changes and stick with one. They are all pretty similar though I would recommend a Gold brand for the omega-3 and probiotics. Cows` milk is best from 12 months, it has too much calcium and calories for bubs. When milk is offered to children it is best after a meal or snack. Most toddlers only need a cup or two at the most a day (see tip sheet below). So again you can see this is an option given you have to 12 months. Milk Fact Sheet Lastly, you could offer one of the formula feeds mixed into baby`s meals over the day, it doesn`t matter how it is delivered at this age to be honest. So I hope that offers you some options. All the best with your return to work and the changes., Leanne
Answered: 15 Jul 2009