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90% of the time when i feed her she will stop all of a sudden and start screaming in pain

hi, i have a 4 and a half month baby girl, who i think has reflux, 90% of the time when i feed her she will stop all of a sudden and start screaming in pain, she cant seem to feed with out this happning it is very upsetting, have tryed changing diet and she was perscribed ranitidine from the doc which didint work when she was 6weeks, all though im a little confused as it seems like a colic of wind aswell, she has been spilling alot latley to. any ideas or advice?

Answer: Hi, It sounds to me like your doctor did at least consider reflux as an option, considering he prescribed a reflux medication (acid suppressant). I would recommend you talk to your doctor about all the issues you are continuing to have, and it may also help to keep a written record of it all – details of feeds, sleeps, screaming, vomiting, and any points you consider to be relevant. If you have started your daughter on solids, then also include that. If you are breastfeeding, also include what you eat, as this can impact on them too. This can help them understand what is going on. With regards to medication, it is possible that the dose of Zantac (raniditine) wasn’t high enough, or it wasn’t the right medication for your daughter. It often entails a lot of trial and error to find the right dose, medication or combination – so just because it didn’t seem to work before, doesn’t mean you won’t find the answers you need. There are other medications that are more effective so it may also be worth trying some of those. With your description, and your instincts that are telling you it seems like colic or wind, then it may also be worth considering food sensitivities– this is very common in babies with reflux and this can cause the feeding issues you are describing, as well as wind/colic. I presume you are breastfeeding (as you mentioned changing diet), and if so, what changes did you make? Cow’s milk sensitivity is really common in babies with reflux – but did you know it was important to avoid all traces (whey, casein, lactalbumin etc), as even small traces can affect a food sensitive child. Also, there may be other foods that are causing issues as well, such as soy, wheat, eggs. It may be worth seeking advice from a dietitian who specialises in food sensitivity as they can help you do an elimination diet, to work out if other foods are involved. Sometimes it’s also a matter of finding out what foods you can eat (and how to prepare and cook them), rather than what foods you have to avoid. I hope that gives you something to work on. Please keep in touch with your doctor, and I hope you find the answers you need. Glenda
Answered: 29 Apr 2009