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Should I simply use a non anti-reflux formula with the cereal?...

Hi Glenda,
I have twin boys (Jack and Brody) who were born on Jan 4th 09 - making them about 5 1/2 months old, however they wre born 9 weeks early at 1.4kgs.

They are progressing well but have reflux. They take zantac liquid (doctor prescribed) for this twice a day. They are on an anti reflux formula (Karicare AR). I want to start trying them on farex (baby cereal) but due to the thick formula they are on I think it will be too thick to put in a bottle.

Should I simply use a non anti-reflux formula with the cereal or will swapping formulas (we tried many until we found the right one) upset their tummies?

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Hi Angela, Congratulations on your boys!! Double trouble with the reflux, I’m sure, yikes! It’s great they are doing so well and that the Zantac and thickened formula are controlling their reflux. There is probably no right or wrong way of introducing rice cereal, but personally, I wouldn’t be inclined to swap formulas now that you have found one that does work for the boys. Have you talked to your doctor about introducing the rice cereal? With their corrected age, they are still quite young so it may be best to check with your doctor first. If your doctor is happy for you to start introducing solids (rice cereal), it may not need to be put in the bottle, but just offered to them off a spoon. Your doctor or child health nurse could probably advise you on how to give rice cereal, but perhaps you could try using a prepared non AR formula or even water to make the cereal up (do you have to use a formula??). As an alternative, you could also consider making rice cereal from scratch (using rice or ground rice, and water and cooking it) and giving that to the boys. I think it’s important that you do what you feel is right (in conjunction with your doctor), but I hope that gives you some ideas. If you do have any concerns, or notice any problems when you start solids, please talk to your doctor or child health nurse. Glenda For RISA Inc
Answered: 01 Jul 2009