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I was wondering if my baby actually has reflux?

i was wondering if my baby actually has reflux?
she is 4 weeks old,when i feed her she burps for me easily sometimes but once i put her down she crys and grunts pulling her legs up to her stomach like she`s still got wind. I pick her up but im foreva trying to bring her wind up but in the same note when eva i put her down she sleeps for a little while then she wakes up crying and doesn`t settle properly. I have tried advice from other people who have gone thru this but im wondering if it’s the milk powder as well? please help

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. It sounds like your little one is very uncomfortable and I’m glad you are looking for ways to make her feel better. Have you talked to your doctor about the issues? If not, I would recommend you do that, as it is important you get medical advice. Your doctor will be able to determine if she has reflux, colic, a food sensitivity, or whether it could be something else. Your child health nurse should be able to help as well, and also provide you with strategies you could try (even though by the sounds of it you have already tried a lot of different things). A lot of our families have babies who have problems with cow’s milk protein, soy protein, or other foods, and since you are concerned about the milk powder being a problem, I think that is something you should talk to your doctor about (I really believe it is important to listen to a mother’s instincts, and if that is what your instincts are telling you, please follow it up). Reflux and food sensitivities seem to be very closely tied, though not all babies/children with reflux suffer from food sensitivities, and I’m sure that not all babies with food sensitivities have reflux either. Your doctor or child health nurse may be able to suggest a different formula, and if necessary, there are prescription formulas your doctor could try her on as well. They may also be able to suggest other ideas as well. Perhaps it would help if you kept a written record of everything that was going on to show your doctor – details of her feeds, sleeps (and all the settling/waking difficulties), behaviours, dirty nappies and so on – sometimes it can help pinpoint what the problem is – and in my experience, it has also helped my doctors understand what is going on. I wish I could give you some definite answers, but unfortunately with our bubs, it may take time (and a lot of trial and error) until we find something that helps them feel more comfortable. Please talk to your doctor whenever you have any concerns, and keep asking questions, and I hope your daughter feels better soon. I also hope you are taking time out to look after yourself, as that`s important as well. Glenda For RISA Inc
Answered: 08 Jul 2009