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Since being on formula he has settled alot, although it`s hard to encourage him to drink all his bottle

Hi Glenda, I have a beautiful 10 week old boy who has silent reflux. He is on Omeprazole and we also had to take him of the breast as he was not settling during the day, he was awake 8 hours of the day and would be a mess at night. Since being on formula he has settled alot although i find it hard to encourage him to drink all his bottle. Now that he is on formula would it be ok to go back to gaviscone as i really hate giving him the tablets and believe me he hates it to , I have tried mixing it with pureed pear but he knows. Is there an easier way of giving him the tablet?
please help
Thank you Amanda

Answer: Hi Amanda, It sounds like you are doing a great job – you have obviously tried a lot of different things already, in the quest to find some way of helping your son feel better. It often does involve a lot of trial and error before you find what works, so it’s good you are continuing to look for answers. I can understand you wanting to go back to giving Infant Gaviscon, particularly as it is a lot easier to give. Medication is definitely not easy to give to a baby, and particularly ones like Omeprazole that aren’t specifically designed for them. Even so, it is important that you talk to your doctor about changing medication, and discuss all the issues surrounding it. Hopefully your doctor will come up with something that works for you all. Something else to consider – since you are still having difficulties with feeds (i.e. struggling to get your son to finish his bottle), then do you think his reflux is well controlled? Even though the omeprazole is difficult to give, it may be that he does still need it. Omeprazole is generally far more effective than Infant Gaviscon, and if you are still seeing some reflux that is causing problems, then it may not be the best idea (but again, this is something to discuss with your doctor). Are you using a thickened formula? Infant Gaviscon also thickens, so that is something to let your doctor or pharmacist be aware of if you are using it. Have you tried dissolving the omeprazole in a small amount of room temperature water and giving it to him off a spoon? Alternatively, you could try using a wide necked syringe or dropper and syringe the medication in – your child health nurse should be able to show you how to do that if you aren’t sure. If your doctor does want you to continue using omeprazole, it is possible to have it compounded into a suspension at a compounding pharmacy. This is a bit more expensive, but it may work better for you. They can flavour it as well to make it a bit more palatable (though this may not always be ideal for a baby). Just be aware that the shelf life can be short too, so check with the pharmacist on that. There are other medications that may work for you if it continues to be a huge battle to get the omeprazole in (and your doctor wants to continue using it) e.g. Zoton is available in suspension, and that may be something worth considering as well. I am glad that your son is doing better and is more settled and I hope he continues to improve. Please talk to your doctor about your concerns, and please also don’t make any changes to the medication without first discussing it with your doctor or pharmacist. I hope that helps, Glenda for RISA Inc.
Answered: 15 Jul 2009