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My 15month old daughter has just had roseola

hi how are you? im writing because my 15month old daughter has just had roseola about a week and a half ago but now she is throwing up of a night and has diarreha she is fine during the day very happy pink cheeks full of energy but when she has been asleep for a little while she gets sick i have woken to this for the past 3 nights in a row at first she couldnt even keep water down but now she can and its only once a night that this happens but the diorreha is all day starting today please can you help me an should i b up the doctors with her??? thank you... regards sarahn

Answer: Hi Sarahn, Thank you for your question. It sounds like your little one is still unwell. I believe it is important for parents to talk to a doctor whenever they have concerns about their child’s health. I also believe that a parent should trust their instincts, and because you are wondering if you should take her to the doctor, then that is probably the right thing to do. It doesn’t really matter if you take her and the doctor thinks your daughter is fine. If you are concerned, it is better to get medical advice – particularly as the vomiting and diarrhoea has been going on for several days. I hope you get some answers and I hope your daughter feels better soon. Glenda, for RISA Inc.
Answered: 15 Jul 2009