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Avatar Stace...
7 week old flat head

My 7 week old has flat spot from his head always sleeping to the left.

I'm wondering what I can purchase that will work best to correct this.

Safety sleep Baby head wedge or

baby rest head pillow ?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You don't need to buy anything, in fact it's safest if you adhere to the sids and kids safe sleeping guidelines of not using any pillows or positioning devices in his cot. Make sure he has plenty of tummy time each day where he's not constantly lying in the same position. And if you turn his cot around so that he's facing in the opposite direction that will also help. And when you hold him, hold him so he's facing outwards from your chest so his head is not always in the same position in your arms. And another tip is to chat with your CHN and ask her to check your boy can move his head freely and equally to both sides. Some babies have a shortening of their neck muscles-this is called torticollis and it means the baby can't move their head as freely to both directions. Best Jane
Answered: 28 Feb 2015