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  4. 3 month old crying from 6pm onwards. Has done for about a month
Avatar Cathe...
3 month old crying from 6pm onwards. Has done for about a month

i there, my 3 month old daughter is basically screaming from 6pm at night until she goes down at about 10pm. We have her on gripe water, she is fed karicare aptimil ar and has been given coloxyl drops by the doctor. She sleeps fine. Goes to bed at 10pm wakes up at 6am and shes happy as throughout the day, but when it hits 6pm at night unless shes being bounced on our knee she crys, even when shes being bouncned she sometimes crys, and we just don't know what to do. any advice?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, As long as she is well and healthy, thriving and gaining weight and reaching all of her developmental milestones then this may just be a stage that she's going through. But a check with your CHN/GP may also be useful just to exclude any medical or other cause for her crying. Is the coloxyl being given for genuine constipation? If her bowel motions are hard and pebbly then perhaps just extra water would help? And make sure you're preparing her formula exactly as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Heaped, packed scoops and not enough water can contribute to constipation. Gripe water is fairly harmless but again, unless it's really justified and you're sure she needs it then perhaps she could do without it. And if she's overtired or overstimulated through the day then perhaps she's just becoming worked up by this time of day. Some people believe that young babies need to "vent" at the end of the day as a form of letting off steam and that their nervous system is overwhelmed by all the stimulus of the day. In otherwise thriving and well babies, this may just be a variation of normal behaviour. Check the information on the Huggies site regarding three month old baby behaviour as well as the sleep and settling information. Best Jane
Answered: 09 Mar 2015