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Avatar kptnz
Is it possible for a 6 month old to say "mum" or "mama"?

My now 6 month old says what sounds like mum mum mum and sometimes mama. Is it possible she is actually saying that at this age or is it just noises? She will usually say it if I walk away and she gets angry.

Sometimes it is very clear - so just wondering, is 6 months too early to be saying mum or mama? She doesn't really say dad dad dad yet...

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, No six months is around the target age for babies to say Mama, Dada, Bubba. This does not mean that she identifies you as Mama, it's just that it's the easiest word to say for her at this stage whilst her speech and language are developing. This is a lovely age and stage. Read to her everyday and talk with her. The fact that she gets upset when you walk away is again, a normal developmental stage. This is what is known as separation anxiety and she is learning that you are the best person to be emotionally close to. You, more than anyone else (other than her dad) are the best people to ensure her survival so from a purely evolutionary point of view, she needs to develop close and loving relationships with you. Check the Huggies site for more information around her developmental stages in Baby Months. Best Jane
Answered: 15 Mar 2015