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Avatar Tommy...
Newborn nappies and my premmie baby

Hey there, my 32 week premmie baby boy wears huggies newborn nappies (which are huge on him lol!). He's not long come home from the NICU at Westmead Hospital, these are the nappies that he's been using since he was born however I am finding that the waist band and leg bands are sticking to his delicate skin and he's crying when I gently pull it off. The nappies aren't too tight, they are far too big and I change his nappy every 3 hours before his breastfeed. I'm not sure why this is happening, please help!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Sorry for the delay in answering your query. I can imagine what you're describing and can imagine you are concerned about this. What may help is before you put the nappy on him, to stretch the leg and waist bands so the elastic and adhering materials aren't as "rigid". And rub your thumb/finger over the portions which are coming into contact with his skin. It may also help to apply some moisturising cream or lotion to his skin where it is coming into contact with the nappy. So there is less chance of the skin adhering to the fabric of the nappy. The other option is (and I'm sure you've tried this) is to aim for more of a gap between his skin and the nappy. With time and increasing weight/size this won't be such an issue. Best Jane
Answered: 05 Jan 2016