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Avatar Neena...
my 9 month old baby doesn't eat much food?

He used to eat his whole pack of ready food 120gms earlier but not any more. Feeding him is a challenge, he likes to play with his food. He also doesn't drink more than 100ml formula at once. At 9 months weighs 9.00kg. please advise

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It would be worthwhile for your baby to be seen and examined by your Child Health Nurse. Weighing and measuring him and then plotting him on his percentile/growth charts will give you a clear picture of his growth for age. Playing with solid food is completely normal at this age and stage. Most nine month old babies love to explore with tastes and textures and will often eat using a combination of techniques such as finger and self feeding and having food spooned into their mouth. Milk wise he should be having 3-4 bottles a day of 220-240 mls of formula. If he's having overnight bottles then this is likely to affect his appetite for bottles and solids through the day. Sometimes babies drink more formula after a little pause, say 5-10 minutes when they start to fuss and not want to drink any more. Retrying them after a break can be very effective in persuading them to drink more. Have him checked by your CHN and/or your GP. There may be a physical cause for him not being as interested in feeding and this needs to be eliminated as a possibility. Best Jane
Answered: 14 Mar 2016