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Avatar Skpirlo
Nappy picking trouble

Hello, I'm a first time mum who is due in September 2017. I'm completely lost and overwhelmed as to what size nappies I'll need to pack into my hospital bag and also keep in the nursery. thank you!!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You've raised a good question. The best nappies to buy initially are the newborn size. They're the right dimension and style to absorb urine and poo and won't gape. As your baby grows and gains weight, be guided by the size instructions on the packet. But just bear in mind some babies can seem to fit into a nappy size which they may not suit the guide but seem to suit them as an individual. Good luck with your little one. This process of setting up and getting organised is so exciting. You're right to be getting onto it early. Best Jane
Answered: 23 Jul 2017