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Lately he has been waking at 5-530am in the mornings

Hi Maree
I have a 17 month old son who is a good sleeper however lately he has been waking at 5-5:30am in the mornings and will not resettle (I have spent ages patting him on the back to no avail). He goes to bed at 7pm and has a 2 hour nap about midday every day. Nothing about his routine has changed. I am worried that he is not getting enough sleep during a 24 hour period now as he is only getting about 10.5 hours overnight. I am also 6 weeks pregnant with number 2 so it is getting very tiring! In your experience is this likely to be just a phase and do you have any advice for this age group to get him to sleep in a bit longer?
Thanks :)

Answer: Hi, Some toddlers are just early risers, don`t make a battle out of resettling his body clock mat still think it`s 6.30 am(daylight saving time) Start the day and go to bed earlier it`s amazing how much you can get done in the morning when you`re fresh I`m up at 6am every morning. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 29 Apr 2009