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  5. She wont stay in there if her brother isn`t around and if he is in there he keeps her awake
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She wont stay in there if her brother isn`t around and if he is in there he keeps her awake

I have a 3year old son and 23 month old daughter and a 3 month old daughter. My 3 year old wont have a sleep in the afternoon anymore and he and his sister share a room, i took my first daughter out of her cot and put her into a big bed about a month ago so the baby could go in it. Now we cannot get her to stay in her bed any time. She wont stay in there if her brother isn`t around and if he is in there he keeps her awake and they play. At night even if he is in there and he is alseep she will still come out with a big smile on her face. The reason for them sharing a room is so they know each other is there not because we don`t have the room so putting her in a room by herself is an option but im unsure about the night waking if they are both alone. My baby is an angel and will sleep anywhere but we have always had trouble with Hallie our 23 month old. I spent two weeks at torrens house (a sleep and settling centre) with her when she was 7 weeks old. She just doesn`t like going to sleep. At night it normally takes us an hour for her to get to sleep we have to sit in the room and "supervise" her cause otherwise she will come out and want to play.

We have the same routines, watch bakana, read books kiss, cuddle and its sleep time now but she wants you to stay there until she goes to sleep, my husband and i don`t get anytime together by the time we have waited an hour for her to go to sleep.

The later her sleep in the day the later the sleep at night but in the morning will always wake at 6:00 - 6:30am no matter how late she goes to bed. If she goes without one she will not last till 6:30 - 7:00pm and then she`ll wake at 5-5:30am and we can`t get her back to bed!

I am just so frustrated and dont know what to do next. Please help me out, im tearing my hair out over it!

Answer: Hi Penny, It really sounds like Hallie makes a game out of it all and has taken control over everyone. To change this you and hubby need to take back control and set the rules. Children thrive on routine and boundaries set. I would give them their own rooms and start a whole new routine. Don`t worry if your son isn`t having a daytime nap anymore you would expect that he not need one at 3yo.Try to have a regular allocated quiet time for Hallie during the day if you can. Both children should have dinner, bath, quiet play 2 stories and then 7.30pm each one in their rooms and good night, it sounds like your son is going down ok so put him down first and then put Hallie to bed say good night and leave if she gets up keep putting her back straight away over and over again just let her know it`s time to sleep and leave. I`d recommend you sit both children down first and let them know that they will have their own rooms and they can both have a lovely new toy if they stay in bed and settle in their own rooms if they don`t you need to take the new toy away. I hope this helps it really sounds like you have your hands full. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Jun 2009