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She is getting harder to settle as she gets older

Hi, May daughter is 9 1/2 weeks old. At the moment she sleeps for her routine is awake around 6-7am then she can only stay awake for an hour and then she goes back to bed and sleeps for roughly 2hours sometimes more, then for the rest of the day she has naps of around 20mins or so, if I`m licky she will go in the cot but only for 45mins and is then wide awake and I cant settle her. We then go for a walk in the after noon for around an hour and most of the time she sleeps for most of this. Then when I try and put her down for the evening, around 7ish she may sleep for 20-45mins but then is again wide awake and I cant resettle her even with a dummy. We then get her up and she is perfectly happy being awake and then she goes to bed around 10-10:30 and the majority of the time sleeps right through, sometimes she wakes but not before 4am. Should I just go with what she is doing or try and get her to not catnap during the day and in my mind I should keep trying to get her down and stay down at 7 to get her into the habit. She is also getting harder to settle as she gets older at the last feed of the night, if she has been up.

Answer: Hi, To be honest she is not doing too bad, it would be great if we could all have a text book baby but it is unrealistic. What is realistic though is having some goals and if we get part of the way there we are doing well. I would suggest you follow a feed/play/sleep routine so you feed when she wakes then play then when you see tired signs begin to settle her awake into her cot.This way you are catching tired signs early and you are not trying to settle an overtired baby or feeding off to sleep. Always settling baby awake ensures they can sleep independently. I would try taking her for a walk after she wakes and has had a feed then when you get back she would be showing tired signs and ready to settle into the cot. Our It`s Time To Sleep settling program will offer good settling techniques for you to be guided by. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Jun 2009